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Do you install the tanks?

Yes, installations require a site inspection prior to quoting. Contact us and we can arrange this.

Why should I choose a Plastic tank opposed to a concrete or metal tank?

  • Old concrete tanks can get calcium leaching out of the walls, forming white deposits.
  • Tin and gal iron tanks can react chemically with the water, especially minerals in bore water.
  • Plastic lined corrugated iron tanks sweat between the liner and the corrugated iron causing rust. The liner will split and is not vermin proof.
  • Fibreglass tanks brake down after a period of time.
  • Open top tanks with shade cloth over the top allow dirt, debris and sunlight into them causing algae growth.
  • Polyethylene tanks do not rust or rot.

What size do I need?

The installation of a ‘large as possible’ rainwater tank and harvesting rainwater from your roof minimises the impact of water shortages and lessens your water costs.

  1. Calculate your likely annual usage from the water storage requirement table below.
  2. Using the water catchment table and average rainfall for your area, calculate the amount of rainwater captured by your roof.
  3. Now you can check your intended usage against the average annual catchment.
  4. Identify your proposed tank site and measure the space and height available.