About Us

About Us

At Practical Plastics NT Pty Ltd we take pride in ensuring our high-quality products and professional service provide you with the product you are looking for.

All products are made from tank grade polymer and approved for the storage of food and water with a UV factor of 24. All materials are Australian origin and manufactured. Practical plastics tanks are a one piece construction for tough, stress free and overall construction strength, combined with a wide range of sizes and shapes for ease of installation.

The following information is supplied to assist you in your research on 'why choose a Practical Plastics Product'.

Types of Tanks

Water Tanks
There’s no more worrying about your water changing taste or smell with our UV stabilised water tanks. Made from impact-resistant, food grade approved polyethylene
Industrial Storage
Our strengthened and corrosion resistant tanks are export quality, making them ideally suited to chemical, petrochemical and manufacturing industries to name a few.
Agricultural Tanks
You name it: Horticulture, Hydroponics, Aquaculture. Many industries are taking advantage of our range of agricultural tanks. Molded from super tough polyethylene (MDPE).
Trade Waste / Waste Water Products
Experience and research have developed a wide range of environmental products. Various sized package pump stations, storage tanks, pits, under floor and under sink units with automatic pump out.

The Material

Australia’s climatic conditions are some of the toughest in the world. Australian manufactured hexane polyethylene has been formulated to provide maximum UV radiation protection and is specifically designed to suit the needs of rotationally moulded tanks in Australia.

If you are replacing old tanks or planning new ones, you should consider your options. You will find that tanks and troughs moulded from polyethylene are:

  • UV Resistant for Australian conditions
  • Made from the only medium density polyethylene produced in Australia

Practical Plastics NT Pty Ltd manufactures water tanks to comply to standards – ASTM D:1998-91 and AS/NZS4766 (Int):2002, FDA CFR21 (USA).

All polymer used is tank grade and approved for the storage of food and potable water with UV24. All materials are of Australian origin and manufacture. Practical Plastics NT Pty Ltd tanks are one-piece construction for tough, stress free and overall construction strength and ease of installation.

Export and Chemical Quality

Practical Plastics NT Pty Ltd manufacture heavy duty chemical tanks (S.G. 1.5) for export. These tanks are used as chemical storage in day time temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. They are also used for mixing corrosive liquids.

Our tanks have been used internationally for over 10 years and have shown their strength and quality to withstand extreme stress.